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For all of those who're thinking 'what the hell is ADTR???'  here's a video from youtube (i do not own any rights to this video!!!) 




Some would say pop-punk.  And i guess their newer stuff is more pop-punk, but some of their older stuff if most defnitely edging on the metal.  Screamo sort of stuff.  ADTR = A Day To Remember.  One of my all time favourite bands!!!!  if you'd seen me, you'd realise how strange it is that i like that sort of music, i'm not your typical 'mosher'.  


Parkway drive is another favourite, a LOT heavier than ADTR!!!  Australians too, which clearly makes them amazing!  ADTR are American, but then so are most bands thesedays.  However, my home town (UK) is producing some great music lately (other than Oasis...).  Asking Alexandria, one of my favourite songs is 'Final Episode' :




Ever seen 'How i Met your Mother'?  If you haven't you wont get my next reference.  They have the CHEERLEADER effect!!! ;)  


Anyway back to ADTR.  I'm so excited to be seeing them in November,  They're playing at the Academy in Manchester (I'm a manc yes...).  There's a load of my friends going and it will be the second gig ever for me.  The first ever gig was when i went to see Dizzee Rascal.  Who was rather brilliant!!  Everyone mocks me for it, but when he's played at the big festivals they've all said he was good SO THERE!!! 


Everyone's going on about how ADTR have 'sold out' to the major record companies, however how're you supposed to get your music to the masses without publicity and money?!  Their music style was never set in stone, it varies from soft music 'You had me @ hello' to more heavier music  'a 2nd Glance' and everything in between.  Admittedly, i think their older music is the best, however i still love their newer stuff as it brings something new to the mix of rubbish we're always hearing! :)


If you listen to the lyrics of the band they hit home.  Everybody can relate to at least one of their songs and this means they're singing about stuff they actually care about and not doing it just for money as most 'pop stars' do.  I rarely hear them on the radio though,  I wish Radio 1 would play them!!!  my iPod playlist consists of every ADTR song EVER made!!!!  So i guess that will have to do for now.


I have no idea what they sound like live, but i'll let you know soon!!  And of course post some videos of them!!!!



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