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So i'm doing 14.5 hours of work today.  Getting up at 6am and getting home at 10pm.  It's a long day and i'm not even halfway through yet....


Having 2 jobs will never be easy, and now with starting back at uni i could end up working 7 days a week!! No rest for the wicked (so i must have been MEGA evil in my past life...) 


However, the reason for the long hours today is so that i can start work later on Saturday.  Why?  Because its Deadbolt on Friday, i mentioned previously that it's TOGA TIME!!  

I've done it before and i have to say that going into work hungover/still drunk is never a good idea.  the 14.5 hours of work will be worth an extra few hours in bed!!!


i've been making road paints today, and i look pretty damn creative with my multi-coloured hands!  I'm definitely the messiest person working there.  Tonight i'll be on the checkouts serving old people and chavs.  Quite contrasting jobs- industry to retail- anyway i'm not looking forward to that.  i absolutely DESPISE working at a supermarket!!!!



However, to cheer me up is this amusing picture of Olli Sykes (Bring me the Horizon) doing what me and my friends like to call the Eden pose.  :')  Below's a song from BMTH.  




I do not intend to infringe copyright! (for both the pic and the vid are not mine!!)



Are you also wondering why i'm writing a blog instead of working?  Admit it, you'd definitely tell my boss!  


Well i'm on my dinner so there!!  

Basically wrote this to have a moan about work, who doesn't enjoy that?  I spend majority of my time complaining about things.  My job, the state of economy, the price of petrol, tax, being hungry... general things that concern a lot of people.  Getting serious isn't it! 


(Look back at that picture of Olli)


And we're amused and calm again.


The moral of this story: FEEL SORRY FOR ME!  



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