Parkway Drive gig!

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So i got to go in the end, my tickets eventually came through the post just in time!!  I was getting a little worried... and irate... that i was going to get to the gig and be denied entry!!


However, me and my friend Josh went and wow.  Just wow.

It was amazing!


I mean, i've never heard of 'confessions' before, but they weren't too bad- we slowly crept forward when people left after the bands finished and by the time the second band 'Miss May I' was on, we were almost at the front!  Of course, by the time 'The Ghost Inside' were playing i was screaming from the barrier at the front! haha (:


It was odd, the sets got shorter as each band played, wasn't complaining though because by the time 'TGI' came on my legs and back were killing me!  By this time i'd been kicked in the back of the neck twice by two different crowd surfers!  Any harder and i probably would've been paralised!  Safe to say i woke up fine and wasn't even aching.  Weird, because at the 'ADTR' gig i woke up in agony and was walking funny for at least 2 days due to the crowd surfers kicking me in the face and falling on me...


TGI were brilliant too, i actually think they sound better live than they do on their CD's but i'm a mega fan of their CD's so i'm not bothered!  I think they played 4/5 songs, compared to confessions and Miss May I, who seemed to be on stage forever (they weren't really who i was there to see), before Parkway Drive came on stage. 


Brilliant view!  I was right at the front and could see all of the band members!  Their stage presence is amazing, totally connect with the audience, and they look like they're actually enjoying themselves!!  Which adds to the atmosphere.


Someone threw a shoe- yes a shoe?- on stage and whilst Winston was talking to us, the band members picked it up and passed it around like a phone!  It was hilarious.  And there were a few dirty shirts thrown on stage, with Winston saying 'What am i supposed to do with this?  laundry?'.  Indeed, the shirt was brown... originally white though.  gross!!!  :-/


They were on stage for an hour and a half!  Me and my friend were saying it was only 9.30 and how we\d probably be out for 10.  We got out at 11. So missed free bar- although PWD > FreeBar!!


They played a mixture too, some old songs that people didn't know- seriously?  Not a true fan like me!  Boneyards!  And then their new stuff, 'Karma' is a great song!  And everything in between.  They left the stage and everyone was encouring them, so they came back out and played 'Carrion'  OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!


It went crazy!!! 


Then it was over :/


I was ridiculously sweaty and feeling a mess- Josh said i looked fine but jeez, i saw myself in a mirror!  Boys! We walked to the club, and i was glad because it gave me the chance to cool down and de-sweat.  Also gross!

And after that we danced away, pretty gutted that there was no official after party or a chance to meet the band :/  I wanted them to sign my ticket, but i had to give them credit.  Being as lively as they were on stage for that long... not surprised they needed a rest.  All the way from Australi too.  Miles.


Very long and very boring blog... it was way more interesting... i just can't put it into words!




Here's the Music video for Karma.  I do not own the song/video/any rights to it. 


PWD <3

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