Vampire's back on me telly!!

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Tuesday was a glorious day for television- Vampire Diaries season 3 started!!!


Did you watch it?


It was so good, although from the end of the last season [2] i kind of think some parts have been skipped because i didn't remember some of things that the actors said had happened.  


Not gonna lie, Klaus is a fittie!!  He's evil and cruel and i feel sorry for Stefan owing him his brothers life, however i can forgive him because he's beatufiul, and would quite possibly kill you otherwise!!  


So who do i prefer now, Damon or Klaus?  I'll throw in Tyler too, he's rather cute.  And that secene with him and Caroline was hot!!  I've put the clip on below from youtube.  CW own all the rights to Vampire diaries and i'm not claiming i own any part of this video :D



There's a bit of Damon on there too.  Winner!  The video below is of Stefan and Klaus harrassing another, werewolf i think?  Anyway it gets pretty gruesome, with blood and that so if you're not a fan i probably reccommend you dont watch it.




Plenty if drama in this first episode and i can't wait for the next one!!!!


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