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i've been rushing my blogs lately, trying to produce more blogs at the expense of the quality.  I'm going to write a decent one now.  Not sure what the exact topic is.  Everything.  Life.  


Lately i've been having problems with a person who i thought was my friend.  I've known her since primary school, we were best friends then, and we were best friends in high school too.  Although we drifted apart in high school as she was never in and always off sick, so obviously i'm going to have to find new friends or be a loner.  I got some new friends, who i never see now, half of them have had kids.  jeremy Kyle fodder.  


So what's my problem?

Well it would appear she's a serial liar, you know those small lies that you tell sometimes without thinking or to try and spare someones feelings?  Well she tells her fair share of thos lies, and the bigs ones too that make other people look bad.  In this case it's making me look bad.  there's absolutely nothing worse than people tarnishing your reputation for no apparent reason.


And it's not just the lies, because in the end, lairs get caught out one way or another.  it's the fact that she always has sly little digs at certain things i have/do, it's not very nice at all.  And as a friend she shoulds respect me and not want to try and put me down.  Whatever she's doing its working, i'm a calm person however it's started to all build up.  It's going be unleashed soon, and i don't want to be seen as the bad person.  I just cannot deal with the mind games, friendships are mutual i can't be a friend to someone who's clearly got alterior motives.  


What are the sly digs about?


I Drive and she doesn't.  How can she tell people that i'm a bad driver and laugh at me about it?  And she's the only person to tell me i'm a bad driver, even my parent's agree i drive very well for my age (most go crash their cars etc).  I simply said to her that if she doesn't like the way i drive then she can walk.  i don't appreciate it when she's trying to disguise critisism as a joke when it clearly isn't.  


The other digs are about the way i look.  So i wouldn't say i was ugly but i'm not going to go around telling everyone i'm the best looking girl ever.  *cough Megan Fox, Jennifer Anniston.... jealous!!!!   So when she's telling me sarcastically how 'fit' my photos are, it really annoys me.  i don't claim to be perfect and some of the photos are awful, however i don't care, its all part of the fun and shows that you're a real person :D The way i eat too.  I eat mega fast and sometimes quite a lot of food, and i've managed to remain 'skinny' as my friends say.  I reckon when i'm 30 i'll be a whale though, i just love food too much to not eat when im hungry or do silly diets :)  i like how i am and so what if i eat a packet of bloody crisps!! 


Her lies.  She's a 32E bra size and tells EVERYONE.  truth = small really, wears bigger, padded bras and more than one bra quite often.  And why would you need to lie about such a personal thing because really, who are you going to discuss this with?  it's not a thing you normally go around talking about.  Weird.


Then the fact that she rarely eats.  Truth = she pretends she hasn't eaten for days but then she scrans out on a pizza all to herself.  And if she really hadn't eaten for days, doing dancing, she'd probably faint and feel sick due to low blood sugar.  I feel sick at work sometimes and i eat when i should.  


She likes a guy.  Truth = she just wants another notch on her very long belt to make herself feel better.  I was out the other night with her and she really liked this guy, pulled him and moved onto another guy saying she really liked him then.  How many guys can you 'really like'?  She's quite a who*e  to be honest and its really unattractive.  i could never introduce her to a guy i liked as she'd be all over him telling him her bra size and flashing her ass ect..


She got kicked in the ribs by a kick boxer.  Truth = no she never.  That would've probably broken her ribs and she was out the same night dancing and in NO pain what-so-ever.  Clearly nothing happened.  


There are so many more lies but i'm going to stop talking about it as it's even winding me up now!!!


Need happy thoughts :)






There we go :)  None of the images or videos are mine, i dont intend to infringe copyright!!

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